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"Want to know the in's and out's, coming's and going's of California politics? The FlashReport is the lure you're seeking." - Karl Rove, former Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush Quote Link
“The FlashReport is a great resource for political news, and to keep your pulse on what’s being said about the important issues.” - State Senator Steve Knight Quote Link
"If you want to know what the good guys are up to in California you must read the Flashreport. If you want to know what the bad guys in California are up to you must read the Flashreport. If you want to know what is happening in California politics you must read the Flashreport. If you want to keep abreast of California politics—without paying California taxes—you can stay at a safe distance and read the Flashreport each day. I do." - Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform Quote Link
"Not only is Jon Fleischman a principled conservative, he's a knowledgeable political pro whose deep, institutional insight into California politics makes FlashReport a must-read for Republicans in the Golden State." - Chris Chacola, President of Club for Growth Quote Link
"The flash report is at the vanguard of fighting against tax increases in California. I read it every day and recommend it strongly to anyone who cares about tax policy, fiscal issues as well as critical reporting on waste, fraud and abuse in California." - Jon Coupal, President of Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Quote Link
"Jon Fleischman's FlashReport keeps me connected and informed on the essential political stories shaping the daily debate. It is an indispensable resource for anyone who needs to know what is going on in California politics or on the national scene. Read it, like I do, every day!" - Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack Quote Link
“The FlashReport is the must see site for anyone serious about California politics. Lazy reporters and duplicitous democrats regularly troll FlashReport for new intel. “ - Shawn Steel, Republican National Committeeman from California Quote Link
"The FlashReport is the go-to website in California for the latest news and the leading political commentary." - Michelle Steel, Vice Chair of the California State Board of Equalization Quote Link
"“The Flash Report is an effective way to get the word out to small business owners around the state and those who support them. In a time where there is so much media clutter, the Flash Report helps cut through the noise and make the Voice of Small Business heard.” - John Kabateck, Executive Director of the National Federation of Independent Business/California Quote Link
"The FlashReport is critical reading for myself and Members of the California Congressional Delegation." - Congressman Darrell Issa Quote Link
"I look forward to reading the FlashReport every morning and strongly recommend it to everyone who wants to stay on top of what's going on in Sacramento and in their local government as well." - State Senator Mimi Walters Quote Link
"When I served in Washington, the Flash Report was my primary source of news for California. Now I am home in California, and the Flash Report remains my primary source of news for California - and for everywhere else!" - Jim Rogan, former Congressman and United States Under Secretary of Commerce
"FlashReport is a valuable source of information about California government and politics." - George Skelton, The Los Angeles Times Quote Link
"Your website, Flashreport, is my 'one stop' source for political information and commentary of the day. What you have created is impressive, and I am pleased to support it. - Thomas E. Tucker, Founding Chairman New Majority" Quote Link
"I've come to depend on Jon's great daily compendium, and analysis of the news. The FlashReport is great, and I recommend it to all who follow California politics." - Mike Antonovich, Los Angeles County Supervisor Quote Link
"Jon Fleischman understands politics better than a journalist, has more perspective than a politico, and works harder to stay plugged in than a pundit. His FlashReport is the fastest, smartest, and best way to stay informed on what's really going on in California politics." - Dan Schnur, Veteran campaign strategist and communications consulant. Quote Link
"My mornings begin with two indispensible starters: a cup of coffee and the Flash Report." - Ken Khachigian, Senior Advisor and Chief Speechwriter for former President Ronald Reagan Quote Link
"FlashReport is the easiest, most comprehensive and timely way for me to keep up with politics in my Native State. Every time I see it I know I will be fully informed with just a quick scan of Jon Fleischman's headlines. If Jon ever needs a second career, he's got a great start with this invaluable newsletter." - John Fund, The Wall Street Journal Quote Link
"California is a huge state with a lot of political action happening every day. In serving my large district here at the top of the state, The FlashReport keeps me and my staff ahead of the curve! Jon's service is invaluable." - Congressman Doug LaMalfa Quote Link
"I devour my copy of the FlashReport the first thing each morning. It's more than just a compilation of newspaper clippings. Jon combines important issues of the day with his insightful commentary. It's a 'must read'." - Dana Reed, Reed & Davidson, prominent political law attorney Quote Link
"For those of us on the Right Coast, the Flash Report is the fast and full summary of political life on the Left Coast. California leads the nation in many measures, now including the creation of a state-based political e-newsletter and website." - Larry McCarthy, McCarthy, Marcus, Hennings, a DC-Based Advertising and Communications Firm Quote Link
"Jon Fleischman has the winning formula - the most political news of the day, and cutting-edge commentary. I love it." - State Senator Mark Wyland Quote Link
"I recommend the Flashreport to anyone who has an opinion but is uninformed." - Anne Dunsmore, Capital Campaigns, prominent political fundraiser Quote Link
"As a County Supervisor, it is important for me to know what is happening in my community as well as all around California. The FlashReport helps me to do that each day." - Matt Rexroad, Supervisor, Yolo County Quote Link
"The Flash-Report is a must-read. It compiles and breaks down the who, what and why of California political news each day." - Congressman Edward R. Royce Quote Link
"Most people know I'm a big believer in opposition research. When I want to find out what the Luddites and troglodytes on the other side of the aisle are thinking, the FlashReport always provides good (and free) insight." - Garry South, Democratic Strategist and Senior Advisor to the Westly for Governor Campaign Quote Link
"So much can and does happen in California politics every day. Jon's service captures the most significant daily news in an easy-to-read format. It's a great read." - George Dunn, Lobbyist, Quantum Government Relations Quote Link
"I check FlashReport every morning for the latest on politics in Orange County and beyond." - John Marelius, San Diego Union Tribune Quote Link
"FlashReport is part of my required morning reading. Jon digs up need-to-know journalism and mixes it with insightful stories from around the state - often from sources who are not readily available to wide audiences - and drops it right in my inbox. It's the perfect daily dose of California political news." - John Ellis, The Fresno Bee Quote Link
"The FlashReport helps me to follow California politics, and keep my listeners informed on the latest events and insights. I make it a must read each morning, you should as well." - Eric Hogue, "News Talk KTKZ" Quote Link
“I truly appreciate the Flash report - it is part of my daily reading list.� - Assemblyman Ray Haynes Quote Link
"The FlashReport offers something that other blogs don't: A quick summary of political news and guide to full-length articles with an Orange County and Republican focus. Jon Fleischman's insider analyses also add to its value." - John Gittelsohn, the Orange County Register Quote Link
"FlashReport is not just a must read, it's a first read. It gives you information from around the state, first thing every day. It's invaluable for anyone interested in knowing what's happening in California." - Mike Vallante, Chief Operating Officer, California Republican Party Quote Link
"The Flashreport is a quick must read for anyone who follows California politics." - Frank Schubert, Schubert Public Affairs Quote Link
"I know that by reading the FlashReport that I am getting first-hand insight into California politics from a real political insider who 'gets' politics and knows how to communicate cutting edge analysis to his readers." - Assemblyman Todd Spitzer Quote Link