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Doug LaMalfa

LaMalfa, a rice farmer from Butte County, is a former member of the State Assembly.


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11-4-2010ThursdayThe Silver Lining
8-2-2010MondaySteinberg's Latest "Sales/Income Tax Swap" Idea Is Just Another Massive Tax Increase
7-29-2010ThursdayMore Hypocrisy from Florez and Steinberg, this Time Over Farmworkers
7-27-2010TuesdayChief Justice Nominee’s Officiating A Gay Marriage Speaks Volumes
7-14-2010WednesdayLet's Hope The Supreme Court Agrees That AB 1179 Is Unconstitutional -- It's Is "Nanny Statism" At Its Worst
7-9-2010FridayMarty Wilson: "Pick Up The phone... California Is Calling"
7-2-2010FridayChiang Continues To Do The Bidding Of His Biggest Campaign Donors - The Union Bosses
6-29-2010TuesdayCompetitors Like Safeway Foods Retain "Hired Guns" To Try And Use Government To Stop Walmart Supercenters
6-24-2010ThursdayDoes Democrat Nominee Michael Rubio Live In Senate District 16? You Make The Call...
6-15-2010TuesdayCarpenter: Marco Rubio Shines At Annual OC GOP Flag Day Dinner
6-9-2010WednesdayStatewide Election Results ReCap
6-4-2010FridayJanice Rutherford for San Bernardino County Supervisor
6-2-2010WednesdayGOP Candidate "Katcho" in AD 33 Refuses To Sign "No New Taxes Pledge" -- Putting Him Well Out Of The Republican Main Stream
5-28-2010FridayWill Talk Of Downtown LA Football Stadium Scuttle Villaraigosa's Comic-Con Quest?
5-26-2010WednesdayMemo To Democrats
5-19-2010WednesdayThe Massive $11 Billlion Water Bond Is Headed For A November Massacre
5-17-2010MondayThe Importance of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge
5-7-2010FridaySarah Palin Endorsement Bolster Conservative "Street Credentials" For Carly Fiorina
5-6-2010ThursdayCalifornia's Massachusetts
5-4-2010TuesdayGovernors Schwarzenegger and Crist - The Conversation
4-27-2010TuesdayWhy I'm Supporting Jim Patterson for Congress
4-21-2010WednesdayVote No On Proposition 15: Welfare for Politicians
4-20-2010TuesdayFR Exclusive: An Interview With GOP Strategist/Pollster Arnie Steinberg
4-18-2010SundayLefty Progressives on Sac Bee Editorial Board HEART Tom Campbell
4-14-2010WednesdayToday's Commentary: San Diego GOP Fends off Legal Challenge to be Lone Advertiser in June Sample Ballot: Decision has Statewide Ramifications
4-13-2010TuesdayLiberal Newspaper Editorial Boards Start To Meddle In GOP Primaries
4-9-2010FridayU.C. President Mark Yudof, Are Standards Slipping On Your Watch?
4-1-2010ThursdayVIDEO: U.S. Rep. John Campbell Blasts Tom Campbell For Support Of Egregious Pork Spending
3-29-2010MondayThe Claremont Institute Honors Vice President Dick Cheney At Its 30th Anniversary Gala
3-21-2010SundayHealthcare Vote -- In California, All Eyes Are On Jim Costa, Dennis Cardoza, Jerry McNerney and Loretta Sanchez